Tv Hanging and Sound Bar Project

Installing a TV bracket

Whilst installing a TV bracket in Solihull we also advised Mr and Mrs Ellis that they could utilise a new style sound bar attachment, this will allow the TV to be used for its visual qualities and then audio quality can be upgraded with a simple £100 Sound Bar.  We visited the site before a lot of work had been carried out which enabled us to advise of some clever things to do


Hiding cables


As we where asked to look at the job before the client had created the new space we where able to advise which cables to put in behind the plasterboards so we could complete a clean and unique looking TV hang.




As well as a nice clean look we also used a new style TV bracket on this job, it is ultra slim and you can attach the soundbar too it, this gives a real clean and slim appearance to the whole installation.



A recent TV hanging project we completed for a customer.