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Digital Aerial Installer in Birmingham

Enabling the functions on your new TV by installing a Digital Aerial connecting yourself to the internet or connecting a USB drive to enable recording functions will give you a range of SD Freeview and HD Freeview channels for you and your family to watch over a variety of viewing platforms.  With Freeview now merging into a record-able platform the need for a SKY plus box with recording features and monthly subscription plans is no longer a necessity so you do not miss your favourite programme.

Digital Aerial Costs

There is a number of options and ways to get a Digital Signal. The most cost effective is through a shared or communal Aerial system.  This however is only good if you live in an attached property or a block of apartments or flats in Birmingham.  The reason for this is a shared electrical supply and joining cables between the system (head end) and the location point (living room TV).  For all of your digital needs we will give you a written quotation and tell you how and why we recommend the course of action to take.  Each property although similar in its purpose and construction has TV's and siting points in different places so cable lengths vary, equipment required, cable lengths and outside variants (such as trees and tall buildings) can effect your signal quality and price required for an installation.

TV Aerial in Birmingham

A TV Aerial in Birmingham under normal circumstances would incorporate the use of an 18 element aerial attached either in the loft (if room and access is available) or on a modest pole mounted to either the chimney a gable end or an alternative externally location suited to attract the best possible signal for your viewing.

With the increased amount of channels available and the awareness that digital signals can be changed, an aerial installer from Birmingham would be best to ensure you not only receive the signals that are important now but also are able to receive signals either side of the wide-band spectrum to create a future proof aerial install

Birmingham Aerial Company

Concept Digital are based In Birmingham and have been trading since 2000, with Experience in Aerial installation, hiding cables and positioning your best possible siting for the aerial to ensure if you add or change anything at a later date it is done with the minimal visual impact, ensuring you still attain the best signal results all the time.  With the history of aerial installations in Birmingham Concept Digital have also created a mass knowledge of consumables.  This means if your struggling to use your equipment we can show you how! Tune in, set up to external devices and simplifying the controls so your digital equipment works for you.

Domestic and Commercial Digital Aerial installations In Birmingham

Concept Digital has been installing Digital Aerials since 2000, In the Birmingham Area

We provide all kinds of Digital and Analogue Aerial Services.

Satellite, Sky, DAB, DVB, Freeview, Freesat, FM and Bticino door entry systems are also available. We can upgrade existing equipment and provide service and offer maintenance contracts as required.

We offer free quotations and design plans to all our customers.

All new build projects come with full 2 year guarantee, long term maintenance packages are also available. We often undertake projects for Home Builders, Local Authorities, Hotels and retails clients, all types of contracts are considered and can be catered for.

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Free Quotations and Design Plans To All Our Customers!

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